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The 7.5" artificial fiddle leaf's large, dense green foliage has a soft appearance -- so much so, you will probably want to reach out and touch it. Situated in a gray slate finished planter with natural river rocks that complements the overall piece, this decor's rich greenery will bring nature's beauty indoors. Place it in your living room or a secluded reading nook next to a bean bag chair for a stunning finish.

7.5' Fiddle Leaf Artificial Tree in Slate Planter

SKU: G-9764
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  • Specifications Height: 7.5 Ft. Depth: 30 In. Width: 30 In. Pot Size: H: 15.75 In. W: 11.75 In. D: 11.75 In. Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.
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