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Turn your home into an indoor jungle with this Boston Fern Artificial Plant. Strands of long, green fronds arch downwards for a cascading display of green foliage. Native to the humid tropical regions, this popular houseplant requires much sunlight, but this realistic looking faux plant is maintenance free faux ever. Standing 2.5' from a modern tripod planter, house this exotic plant in any compact area. Perfect for a lonely corner, apartment, office, bedroom, or bathroom.

2.5" Boston Fern Artificial Plant in White Planter with Legs

SKU: FP1257
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  • Height: 2.5 Ft. Depth: 27 In. Width: 27 In. Pot Size: H: 21 In. W: 12.5 In. D: 12.5 In. Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.
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