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The bay leaf artificial cone topiary tree?s green foliage is carefully placed to overlap one another, leaving no space between the leaves to be seen. With its height of 5-feet, this tree can be used to accentuate the furniture pieces in your living room. Place it beside your mantelpiece, entertainment system, or even between two chairs to give your arrangement a beautiful focal point. It's UV-resistant leaves ensure you can use it inside or outside.

5" Bay Leaf Cone Topiary Artificial Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)

SKU: o-5567
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Height: 5 Ft. Depth: 19 In. Width: 19 In. Pot Size: H: 6.5 In. W: 8 In. D: 8 In. Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.
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