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Fiddle Leaf Figs are the "it" plant from the bunch. If you've tried growing one indoors, you know how difficult it is. Luckily, you can trick all your friends into thinking you can care for one with this Fiddle Leaf Fig artificial tree. Inspired by nature, large glossy Fiddle leaves have naturally occurring details throughout. Assembled from high-quality materials, feel free to bend the branches to fit in your space. Standing 6' from a jute basket, house in any area. Perfect for a living room, bathroom, or awkward corner.

6" Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Tree in Handmade Natural Jute and Cotton Planter

SKU: G-9767
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Height: 6 Ft. Depth: 11 In. Width: 11 In. Pot Size: H: 12.5 In. W: 12.5 In. D: 12.5 In. Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.
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