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Are you seeking a different type of Christmas? The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree gets a modern makeover with this minimalist-inspired Frosted Berry Twig Artificial Christmas Tree. Lifelike twigs house 450 multicolored gum ball LED lights that are more energy-efficient and bring a rainbow of colors. Sparse by design, feel free to bend the branches and display your favorite ornaments or none at all! The stunning gum balls provide all the d?cor you need. Stabilized in a metal stand, this fake Christmas tree is 7? high.

7' Frosted Berry Twig Christmas Tree with 450 Multicolored Gum Ball LED Lights

SKU: C-1264
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  • Height: 7 Ft. Depth: 49 In. Width: 49 In. Pot Size: N/A Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.
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