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How to Appeal to 95% of Buyers Looking Online First.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Did you know that 95% of buyers start their home search online first? It's no surprise, we live in a digital world so the majority of buyers are going to gather information from what they see and perceive about your listing online first. This is a good thing if your home is marketed in the best light but can result in lost opportunities if it is not. Even if your home checks all of their boxes. What does this mean to you as a seller?

First Impressions matter when selling your home.

It's buyers' psychology. So, a good first impression of 95% of buyers is hinged on how your home is marketed online. When buyers are looking at your property, they are deciding to either take the next step to go see your property or not waste their time. That is the reality of it. It's very important how your home is perceived. What should this tell sellers?

Your goal is to get on buyers "must-see list" by increasing the appeal and sealing the deal with staging.

Professional staging and good photography play hand in hand. This is what helps capture buyers attention and draws them in. The more buyers your home attracts the higher your chances are to selling your home faster and for more money. A well-staged house takes the coldness of a vacant house and adds warmth and personality. A well-staged house will also take an occupied house from being overwhelming for the buyer to it being well-maintained. It is all about how your home is showcased that will do the majority of the closing for you. You know that saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? That statement couldn't be any more truthful when dealing with real estate. Photography captures it all, so the message gets across.

Seeing your staged house in person is what will help seal the deal.

As big of an investment a house is, it's an investment that requires an emotional connection because it's a very intimate and personal investment decision. Buyers are asking themselves if this house checks all of their boxes logically, financially, and emotionally. Online they have pretty much answered the financially and logically part so, its up to the emotional part. When they walk into the staged house they are imagining themselves living in the house. They are coming in person to see if it fits the lifestyle they are striving for. Staging helps them visualize the house as their home and helps create that emotional connection to a house. This is where it take things from "I'm just looking'' to "let's put in an offer!" Why? They have just stepped into a home that answers all their internal questions and what they saw online is what they see in person.

So, when they look at your property online that is where you have to draw them in. Online is where a good majority of buyer questions are answered and decisions are swayed. Remember, your goal is to be on their must-see list to increase your chances of a fast and profitable sale.

Give us a call and lets increase your homes buyers appeal and get them to seal the deal on your home.


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